Transnational Projects DAA Berlin and Brandenburg


The Socrates Project »Accessible Language Learning«offers new ways of language learning for blind and visually impaired people. The combination of force feedback devices and 3D-Sound navigation offers an alternative user interface for self-learning software that does not require a screenreader and provides true interactivity with the PC. This technology is then used for a language course "English for German learners" and "German for English learners" that concentrates on communicative listening and speaking skills.

Benchlearning in the Tourism Sector

BenchTour was an European project (Sept 2009 – Sept. 2011) which was directed towards SMEs working in the sector of Tourism. The aim of BenchTour was to enhance the competences of SMEs by introducing a successfully tested method called "Bencheffect®". This method that was developed within an EQUAL project, increases the employability of workers and supports the competitiveness of enterprises.

 Elf3000 - Erfolgreiche LernFormen für das 3. Jahrtausend

Regional Project promoting work-based learning in small and medium enterprises.

Health tutor in Adult Education

In adult education we usually pay attention to the teaching content and the competence of tutors and trainers. Quality is defined by different aspects such as different methods, competency of trainers, variety of content and the success of the students. Nevertheless, with the exception of the statutory Health & Safety regulations, aspects promoting and preserving health are usually not an issue for individual adult education institutions. Thus we have the aim of developing a concept which enables an educational institution to implement corresponding changes to improve the concentration and receptivity of students, to strengthen their capacity and joy of learning, to reduce sickness and to enhance their integration into the labour market. To achieve this aim the intention is to create a ‘Health Tutor’ from the existing teaching staff of the college who would oversee all matters relevant to this project. Training for this work will be available under the project with funding available from EU sources.

HLS – Healthy learning in SMEs

The project is working to improve SME productivity and growth by improving awareness of the importance of sustainable workplace learning. Competiveness is a significant factor for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to sustain their position in the market. Healthy and well trained employees are vital for maintaining competiveness. Therefore, the objective of our project “HLS – healthy learning in SMEs” is to raise awareness with employers and employees of the importance of creating a workplace environment that supports health and learning in the workplace.

Integra 2010

Two significant problems, which are apparent in North East Brandenburg, are unemployment as a result of a lack of formally recognized qualifications on the one hand and a lack of skilled employees on the other. It is the aim of this project "Integra 2010" to directly connect these factors in order to produce a win-win situation for both sides.


Language Garden - Development and testing of a cross-border training of educators with the goal of introducing foreign language teaching in early childhood in the nurseries of the region. The Interreg IV A project Langar qualified professionals from the nurseries of the German-Polish Viadrina Euro Pro region, so that staff could carry out child-friendly policies to promote foreign language skills and intercultural competence in the "little learners".
The "on the job training" approach foreducational professionals empowered the employees to promote the language and the culture of the neighboring country systematicly and suitable for children. The Langar Project is aimed directly at professionals who encourage bilingualism in nurseries in a playful yet professional and sustainable way and thus indirectly prepare preschoolers for learning a foreign language.

Paws and Paws-Med

In a context of increased urbanization of society, of climate and environmental change and in a context of globalisation and a growing relevance of forests there is a ever but greater need for a sound comprehension of the multiple dimensions of forest and forestry. Forest pedagogics or "Waldpädagogik" is a priority area for developing a shared comprehension of forests and their role in helping to solve the enormous challenges we are currently facing.


Access and Inclusion - Promoting Language Teaching for All. New ways in vocational language learning for blind and visually impaired people.
In order to achieve better language learning opportunities for VIPs, and given that English is a language of universal importance, the decision was made to develop English training modules for blind and visually impaired adult learners. It was also decided that the training technology developed in the Socrates ALLVIP project - a force-feedback joystick for haptic feedback- could be central to enabling VIPs to carry out necessary language exercises. One of the aims of the project is to produce adaptable computer-based training modules for business English designed for blind and visually impaired adult learners, using the above technology.
In addition, since one of the major challenges is to find qualified language teachers capable of teaching VIPs, the project aims is to produce a training framework for existing qualified language teachers giving them the skills necessary to integrate VIPs into their language classes.

WORKSTATION BBWorkstation Plus

The projects aimed not only the placement of young people in work, but also the development and expansion of social skills that promote communication, language and spelling skills by addressing specific issues and people's self-assessment of their skills, increase the confidence and the support in the construction of personal, social and economic networks that increase the chances of a job.


3xC: 3xC – coordination, cooperation, cultural context – tandem learning program of transnational cooperation for SMEs
5C+I: Equal project "Cooperation Coaching and Consulting Center for Competitive Advantage and Innovation"
BarrTour: Accessible Tourism in Brandenburg
Chemistry is all around us: Promotion of lifelong learning of scientific subjects and of chemistry in particular
Ellvis: English Language Learning for Visually Impaired Pupils
FARE: Facilitating Reflections on Equity in Life Long Learning Strategy
Playhost: Transference of a general entrepreneur’s game to the specific sector of hospitality and restaurant management
Procertu: Tutors Training and Certification of Vocational Skills
Routes: Portal for a common reflection at European level on the theme of migration and integration of migrants
Schrittmacher OderSpree: Equal project promoting learning in SMEs
Userec: Upgrading Self Reflective Competencies in SMEs
WBLinHE: Work Based Learning as an Integrated Curriculum